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The Union ministry of human resource development (MHRD) released a draft Act to replace the University Grants Commission (UGC) with a new regulator for the critical higher education sector. The regulator Higher Education Commission of India will focus on the quality of institutions. The plan to scrap the UGC has been in the works for several years now, necessitated by the fact that India’s higher education landscape has changed phenomenally from the time the UGC was set up in 1956. At the time, there were only 20 universities and 500 colleges with a total enrolment of 0.21 million students. Today, there are nearly 28 million students in 726 universities and 38,000 colleges. Over the years, several panels have also talked about the need for a new regulator. The Professor Yash Pal committee, in 2009, recommended an education regulator to rid the higher education sector of red tape. The TSR Subramanian committee’s recommendation in the National Education Policy a new national policy to replace the existing one is still in the works also said the UGC Act should be allowed to lapse. It’s good that the new regulator’s singular focus will be on quality. It must be staffed with bright, progressive thinkers who are able to chart out a path that is in keeping with our new realities. ITIHAS the Journal of Indian Management provide a scholastic a platform to professionals, researchers and academicians associated with the field of Management. It is a Double blind Peer Reviewed Journal and focusing to attain the universal goal of research. It is associating with many associations to strengthen the research at global level.


Effective appraisal system serves not only to determine how well an employee is working at his or her job, but also to decide on the ways to improve his/ her performance. It describes the general policies and factors for the administration of performance in an agency. An appraisal program is a combination of specific procedures, methods, and requirements for planning, monitoring and rating performance. The  paper “An Empirical Study on Effectiveness and Satisfaction level of Employees towards Performance Appraisal System in Amazonis an effort to study the effectiveness and Satisfaction level of Employees towards Performance Appraisal System in Amazon.

Working capital is a fun1damental part of the overall corporate strategy in creating the shareholders’ value. Today the management of Working Capital is one of the most important and challenging aspect of the overall financial management. This paper compares various cement companies in India by using Correlation. The paper “A STUDY ON WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT IN SELECTED CEMENT COMPANIES IN INDIA” examined the working capital management in selected cement companies in India, examine the management pattern of inventory, liquidity, cash position and receivables management.

Since last three decades India has witnessed a phenomenal growth in financial innovations and use of financial engineering applications in the design and development of products and services of both financial and insurance nature. The main reason for this revolution is, change in the interest(s) of all financial intermediaries like insurance companies (Life and Non-life), commercial and corporative banks and other financial institutions. The paper “Financial Engineering in Insurance Business – A Select Study” is devoted to examine the source and approach of financial engineering applications in life insurance business in India in the design and development of life insurance policies.

Infrastructure is the backbone or one can term it as the lifeline of any developing country’s growth. . Due to its huge demand and enormous size, financing infrastructure projects is quite a bit task. The paper “Key Role Of Islamic Finance in Funding India’s Infrastructure Gap” is examined the Islamic finance in funding and India’s infrastructure gap.

One of the most important part of HRD system in a business enterprise, is the Performance evaluation. Major industries in India are following 360 degree feedback technique for leadership development intervention. Performance evaluation is conducted to evaluate whether the employees of different skills and expertise deliver regulated performance at their jobs and complete the assigned task as managed by their supervisors. The paper “AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ON RELEVANCEOF 360 DEGREEPERFORMANCE EVALUATIONPRACTICE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO DELHI-NCR PRIVATE BANKING SECTOR” described about the performance appraisal techniques used in banking sector of Indian, more specifically in Delhi-NCR.

Women constitute about 50 per cent of the total population of the world and directly as well as indirectly contribute to the economic parameters of the nation. However, even today, they are not given the equal status as of men. Women comprise of the two-third per cent of the total illiterate population (796 million) of the world. The paper “ANALYSIS OF GOVERNMENT SCHEMES FOR WOMEN EMPLOYMENT IN INDIA” analysed the impact of few schemes/policies issued by the GoI to provide assistance to women in order to start their own venture.

The last two decades, we have witnessed a significant development of microfinance initiatives around the world. This rapid proliferation is a result of success story of microfinance in providing financial services primarily credit and savings to a large number of poor clients who do not have access to formal financial institutions in many third countries. The paper “FUTURE DIRECTION AND STRATEGIES TO AMPLIFY A SUSTAINABLE MICRO FINANCE SECTOR FOR RURAL INDIA” discussed on direction to microfinance and strategies used to sustain in rural India.

In order to improve our understanding of mediating variables. implying that HPWP can provide win win outcomes for employees and employers. The paper “The relationship between High Performance Work Practices and Employee Attitudes-A study on Small Business Private Sector in Colombo district” discussed the relationship between high-performance work practices (HPWP) practices and employee attitudes. Using a randomly selected, national population sample, clear evidence was found for a positive relationship between HPWS practices and the attitudinal variables of job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Today’s business environment is highly competitive. It is not easy for an organization to survive without being innovative. Numbers of effective factors are applied by the organizations for its long run survival, training and development is one of them. Training plays an important role in productivity enhancement as it enables employees for skill development at the same time it retains the skilled employees. The paper “TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: A TOOL FOR RETENTION AND PRODUCTIVITY” focused on the retention and productivity practices in organization and the impact of Training and Development role in the organization.

Venture capital is financing that investors provide to startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential. Venture capital generally comes from well-off investors, investment banks and any other financial institutions. Norwest Venture Partners and Chrysalis Capital are the major venture capital firms which they funded for banks. The paper “Financial performance evaluation of Indian banks funded by venture capital firms” confined to banks funded by venture capital firms. So the banks analyzed for the study are indusInd bank, RBL bank &KarurVysya Bank.


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