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It is often suggested that in order for performance appraisal to positively influence employee behavior, employees must experience positive appraisal reactions. The purpose of the present study is to examine the relationship between performance appraisal satisfaction and employee outcomes, in the form of affective organizational commitment and turnover intention. Furthermore, the influence of intrinsic motivation as a mediating variable was also explored. The paper “Satisfaction of Instructors on Performance Appraisal and Employee Outcome-A Case of Selected Public Universities in Ethiopia” contributed to the knowledge on satisfaction with performance appraisal system and the influences on the employee outcomes;

Banking Industry has become highly competitive sector in India and has been facing greater challenges of technological revolution and global banking system. Stress is unavoidable on the part of employees as the systems, procedures, and techniques are getting complicated with the use of advance technology. Stress Management is getting more and more attention now-a-days, particularly in the banking sectors. The paper “Assessing the Impact of Stress on the Work-Life of Bank Employees -A Case Study of Meerut Region”. revealed that preventive steps should be taken up by the banks to make their employees free from stress; to perform their work with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Mutual Funds have become a widely popular and effective way for investors to participate in financial markets by spreading the investment across different types of securities, also known as diversification. Over the past decade, mutual funds have increasingly become the investor’s vehicle of choice for long-term investment. The paper “Performance Evaluation of Banking Sectoral Funds of Selected Asset Management Companies” used three different performance evaluation models namely Sharpe ratio, Treynor’s measure and Jenson’s Alpha to evaluate the performance.

Service sector in India is growing at phenomenal phase contributing to the GDP of the country. One of the major contributors among the service sector is the insurance sector which is crucial for enhancing financial intermediation, creating liquidity and mobilizing savings in the country. Today , with the ever growing competition insurance companies are looking for newer ways to attract and retain customers. Maintaining relationship with the customers have become essential for these companies as on e small mistake in providing service to the customer can damage the brand equity. The paper “Customer Experience Quality: Empirical evidence from Insurance Companies” considered service aspect of experience and has come up with four factors that provide better experience to customers.

Entrepreneur has emerged as the best strategy to empower historically disadvantaged sections of the population .With the rapid development of the society, the need for the rise of entrepreneurship becomes eminent. While the numbers of entrepreneurship ventures are growing rapidly, the particular field is still under-research. Entrepreneurship no doubt has become one of the dynamic forces in the economy of Nagaland; a north eastern state of India but the prospect of business in Nagaland remained grim for several years. The paper “Trends & Challenges of entrepreneurship in Northeast India- a study of Nagaland” contributed on the understanding of the current trends & challenges of entrepreneurship in Nagaland.

Financial inclusion is the process of ensuring access to financial services timely and adequate credit where needed by vulnerable groups such as weaker sections and low income groups at an affordable cost. Financial inclusion broadens the resource base of the financial system by developing a culture of savings among large segment of rural population and plays its own role in the process of economic development. The paper “Financial Inclusion: Issues and Challenges in India” focused on the issues and challenges of financial inclusion in India.

JAM is the acronym for Just A Minute. It is the most preferred these days in campus recruitment programs, as a candidate can be assessed in a very short time, the probability of success of the candidate in the interview is decisively dependent on his / her performance in a JAM. Companies prefer one-to-one JAM sessions before or along with the interview to test Spoken English, Communication skills and General awareness of the candidate. The paper “Just A Minute Sessions - A Gift of the Gab” discussed on how  to score in jam sessions and win in the job war.

Generally working capital management has significant effect on the profitability of sugar manufacturing companies in Ethiopia. working capital managed will have a significant effect on the profitability of firms. Accordingly, for many firms working capital management is a very important component of financial management on the company performance also on their day to day operation. The paper “Effects of Working Capital Management on Profitability A Case of Ethiopian Sugar Companies” examined the effects of working capital management on profitability of sugar manufacturing companies in Ethiopia.

India represents one of the world’s largest car markets Easy availability of finance and rising income levels are encouraging the middle class population to choose from the vast range of passenger vehicles. The Indian auto industry has been recording tremendous growth over the years and has emerged as a major contributor to India’s prosperity. The paper “A study on customer Relationship Management in Automobile Sector-A comparative study” has focused on CRM practices in select Automobile companies such as Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai.


The socioeconomic progresses of India small business/street vendors play a great role. They often suffer an unceasing problem of cash shortage and cash management is very important to the continued existence and development of small businesses/street vendors(SBs /SVs).  In this paper, an attempt has made to study the cash management practices by small businesses /street vendors (SBs/SVs) operating within Siliguri city and its environs. The paper “Cash Management Practices of Small Business Owners: A study in Urban Area of Siliguri Subdivision” study recommended that there is need to commence the programme on capability building, training and sensitization of SBs/SVs on cash management practices.

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