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The quality of editorial reviews is critical to the success of any scholarly journal, and ITIHAS - The Journal of Indian Management is no exception. Reviewers generously volunteer their time and intellectual energy to provide critiques of manuscripts that serve the critical function of enhancing the quality of articles that is published in ITIHAS. Under tight timelines and in the context of multiple responsibilities, reviewers are asked to assume the difficult task of reviewing manuscripts that are often complex and detailed. ITIHAS is once again thanking you to all the Editorial Team and researchers and authors for their kind co-operation in this regard.

Behavioral Finance is the study of the impact of psychology and its influence on the behavior of market practitioners. Its study covers both; the individual level and the group level. Behavioral finance has two building blocks: cognitive psychology and the limits to arbitrage. The paper “Behavioral Finance – A Review” is an attempt to study these human reactions and provide an underlying basis to predict and understand human behavior which has a tendency to knowingly make irrational investment decisions.

The growth of Indian economy is facing so many challenges like poverty, unemployment and to bring Financial Prosperity to the weaker section of society. The Governor of RBI was looking for the ‘Financial inclusion’ as one of the fundamental key pillars in Economic Development reforms and measures imitated to effectively achieve the goal of financial inclusion. The paper “Contributoral Role of Banking sector in Financial Inclusion in India” is examined the present scenario of the financial inclusion in India and the level of financial inclusion in India.

Social media has emerged as a very important topic during the past two decades. Its opportunities and challenges have been widely acknowledged by marketers today. The key to social media are the people who use it. Social networks provide a platform for users to consume content, participate and produce content. These activities have to be thoroughly understood. The paper “Understanding the social media usage pattern and behavior of Generation Y users- An exploratory study” is an endeavor to understand the usage pattern and usage behavior of social media among Generation Y users.

Liberalization radically changed India’s Foreign Exchange sectors the trade habit and  transaction  related  to  the  business  has  become  more international. The business and education with its new makes the foreign exchange sector more and more competent. The variation in the foreign exchange rate makes very big effect in the economy of the country as well as business. The paper “Future Growth Potential of Thomas Cook India Limited in Authorized Dealer Retail/ Wholesale Foreign Exchange Business in Thrissur District of Kerala.” Focused on the foreign exchange business trend for Thomas cook Trissur region of kerala.

Mushroom is a delicate and perishable item had to be handled with care. Mushroom as it has a frugal shelf life and hence the packaging and distribution plays a very important role to ensure that the quality of mushrooms is maintained. The Case Study “Tushar Mushroom Udyog – Journey of a teacher on the path of entrepreneurship” explained the complete journey of a teacher on the path of entrepreneurship.

The importance of improved water quality from water treatment plants (WTP) is assorted by reason of its direct impact on consumer health. According to the recent studies, alterations in climatic pattern have an effect on the concentration of different water quality parameters (WQP) and change in water quality may badly affect the efficiency of WTP also. The paper “Recognizing the risk factor of water treatment plant by using a hybrid MCDM method” focused on finding the factors, which influences the performance of water treatment plants. Here a hybrid MCDM method is used to determine the weights of the alternatives.

The Management Institutes in India are mushrooming since last decade, but, the results are coming in negative way, the noble cause of learning becomes a major source of business for political top brass. Questionable practices have corroded the education delivery in many of our B-schools. The paper “Management Institutes in India: Present Scenario” handled certain issues grim to the management institutes in India.

Over the past three decades the rapid expansion of information and communication technologies (ICT) has created a tremendous impact on all areas of human life (Schneider, 2006). A widely studied area of technological transformation is in retail financial services. The internet has sparked an IT-based revolution in the financial services sector that has radically altered the way that banking services are delivered. The paper “Review of the Literature on Determinants of electronic banking adoption by customers” explored and reviewed the research articles published on research methodology adopted by researchers in adoption of electronic banking by customers. The study also examined the factors that impact customer’s willingness to use electronic banking.

Indian textiles produced since antiquity conveys the history, culture and tradition of the past. There are number of people who are owners of enormous wealth having rare textile artifacts which are collected by exploring or inherited over a period of time. These historic artifacts are not accessible to every person in common markets. Therefore, these rare collections must be placed at some particular place where all interested people could reach and gain information regarding these artifacts. In the Punjab (India) few gurudwaras offer an opportunity to have a glimpse of various rarest articles to be ever found in the world. The Paper “Treasure of Punjab: Gurudwara Antiquities” was undertaken to learn about various types of textile antiquities preserved, display and storage techniques used and conservation & preservation methods employed in various gurudwaras of Punjab.

Customer satisfaction and care is about providing the customers with the required support and service to meet their needs. The business dictionary defines customer service as "All interactions between a customer and a product provider at the time of sale, and thereafter. The paper “A Case Study of Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction & Level of Education in Vizianagaram Telecom District” focused on the telecom customer satisfaction in vizianagaram.


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