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Itihas- The journal of Indian Management is successfully set a benchmark for quality research in the field of Marketing, Finance and Management. This journal are an excellent forum for intra - disciplinary and interdisciplinary study of various aspects of Marketing, Finance and Management and act as an intellectually stimulating platform for academicians, consultants, researchers, and business practitioners to share and promulgate their research work. The aim of the Journal is to provide a scholastic platform to professionals, researchers and academicians associated with the field of Management all over the world in which research in alternative paradigms for Management could be presented and debated. It also aims to promote interdisciplinary studies over the issues of theoretical, practical, and historical importance in dealing with problems in Management, and disseminate papers that have practical implications for public policy, business policy, or individual decision making. Know the journal is associated with a leading global network called Global Association for Continuum of Business Management (GACBM).

Marketing activities have high visibility as it is closely interwoven with business activities concentrating on building relationships through trust and commitment. This clearly lends an ethical dimension to marketing. The Paper “FOOD LABELLING ETHICS: AN AREA OF CONCERN” attempts to determine the consumer’s awareness of packaged food labelling information, its implications for manufacturers/marketers and consumer expectations and marketing ethics in general.

Adapting to the change brought about by digitization of business is the most challenging task faced by businesses currently. Internet the most important digital tool has transformed the role of business stakeholders, especially the media. The paper “ ETHICAL ISSUES IN DIGITAL MARKETING – A REVIEW” attempts to look at the initial bases for incorporating the subject of ethics in business firms, further try to explore the dimensions of marketing ethics through previous researches.

Merger and acquisition has become a new strategy in the corporate world. Companies are using M&A mainly for exploring new markets, reap high market share, gaining competency and to become more competitive in the global market. The paper “REACTION OF STOCK PRICES OF SELECTED SAMPLE TO THE M&A ANNOUNCEMENT: EVIDENCE FROM NSE OF INDIA” examines the impact of merger announcements of Indian pharmaceutical firms listed in National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India between 2008 and 2010 by using event study methodology.

Urbanization for any developing economy and so for India is like a double-edged sword, if it can create plethora of opportunities at one end then it can also create challenges such as increased ecological degradation, traffic congestion and urban sprawl due to large scale rural migration at another end. The paper “THE SMART CITY MISSION AS FACTOR FOR  URBAN RURAL GAP- AN IMPACT ANALYSIS”. Analyzed on urban rural key conflict issues by proposing a new framework model, Decision Making Threat and Opportunity (DMTOP), by expert opinion survey method.

To cope up with the ever changing dynamic business environment, every organization needs to reinvent their marketing mix strategies by introducing some innovations and novel strategic changes. The paper “MYNTRA’S TRANSITION TOWARDS TRADITIONAL RETAIL: A  NEED OR A STRATEGIC MOVE?” examine those factors which prompted Myntra to sail against the tide. In spite of touching such heights in the online world in a short time span of just a decade is Myntra not convinced about the customer satisfaction and thus reverting back to traditional retail.

India had started emphasizing the pre-disaster aspects of prevention, preparedness and mitigation towards disaster management though the fact remains that natural disaster cannot be eliminated but only to mitigate them and reduce its impact. Earlier the focus was reactive, wherein post-disaster resources were spent on relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction, which is critical for sustainability and bringing normalcy to the life of citizens. the paper "Relevance of Disaster Management Education for Post Graduate Management Students – An Empirical Analysis" focused on how Relevance of disaster management is to workplace, Relevance of disaster management to Home and Relevance of disaster management to Personality cause Overall disaster management subject relevance.

The economic growth of country is linked with the financial market of the country and stock market is used as indicator of nation’s economy. Capital market is an integral part of financial system and its plays a strategic role in a country’s economic growth by witnessing a tremendous growth. The paper “ANALYSIS OF WEAK FORM EFFICIENCY OF SELECTED SECTORAL INDICES AND COMPANIES WITH REFERENCE TO NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE” focused on sectoral analysis of weak form efficiency. The objectives of the study are to identify the stationary, randomness, efficiency and volatility of the selected NSE Sectoral Indices and Companies.

Today’s highly technical and sophisticated jobs demand a highly professional candidate who can increase productivity and thereby increase the value of an organization Shift from production oriented engineering jobs to service oriented engineering jobs demands professionals with both sound technical and behavioural skills to attain and retain the job. The paper “A STUDY OF THE EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS ENGINEERING STUDENTS AND PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERS IN THE STATE OF TELANGANA” studied  the perception of Employers as wells employees towards employability skills required for Entry level engineering graduates in multinational software companies.

Inclusive development has always been a challenge for development. Despite of notable progress in science and technology, the world is grappling with inequalities. Many sections of society are deprived of basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education.  The paper “HUMANITARIAN ENGINEERING: A STRATEGY FOR INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT” makes an attempt to illustrate as to how humanitarian engineering can be used as an effective tool to bring about inclusive development.

Most of the retailers create a comfortable and convenient environment in the shopping areas, so that the customers can purchase the products which can satisfy their needs and wants. The paper “ANALYSIS OF THE FACTORS INFLUENCING THE SALES OF RETAIL OUTLETS IN SUBURBAN BY TAKING THE CUSTOMER PURCHASE PATTERNS AND THEIR PERCEPTION” analyzed the factors influencing the sales of the retail outlets in the suburban area. It was designed mainly to find the relation between the retail sales and few of the factors like retail location etc,


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